Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | October 20, 2007

De Mello Blog

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of hits from people searching for Anthony de Mello content so I’ve decided to create a separate blog dedicated de Mello information and media. Hopefully it’ll act as a kind of one-stop-shop, as currently there isn’t very much web presence on this very interesting man.

All ideas and comments are welcome.

Here’s the link. 



  1. Brilliant!

    Tell us more about the depth and breadth of hits you are getting?


  2. Guys,
    I am Luis, from Spain. I leave in Geneva, Switzerland.
    I know de Mello. I have read most of his books.

    I recommend the following books Awareness and then Sadhana “crhristian exercises in Easter From”
    Pure Wisdom.
    and the BEST his postumus (after he died) book

    Also, you can download a complete series of de Mello conferences in New York form uTorrent. They are audio only.
    I hope many of us start taking our believes in this new chanllenging point of view.


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