Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | September 25, 2007

Caught by supprise

I took this short video on my little Cannon camera when on holiday in Spain last month. I had actually forgotten all about it (the video not the holiday) till I checked my photo library the other day. Myself and my girlfriend were in Estepona drinking iced mochachinos by the beach when she suggested we visit some friends of hers in Granada. I was all on for it till I was informed that Granada was a two hour drive away. To be honest I would have been happy to chill by the coast for the next few days with the cool sea breeze in my hair and not have to think about moving anywhere further than the local Supermercados. But considering I dragged her halfway across southern Spain to a disused water park I figured I kinda owed her one.

I was really blown away by Granada and the surrounding countryside. The spirit of the flamenco is literally pulsating out of the earth. From the metropolitan business district right up to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains this part of Spain speaks an ancient language which is hard to define in words. On our last night there we were invited up into the caves where for generations, gypsies have been playing listening and dancing to flamenco music. This is where I shot this video.




  1. I love the dancer, thanks for posting

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