Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | September 9, 2007

A retorical question or not?

Please carefully analyze the image below.


Is the Glass…

A – Half Empty?

B – Half Full?

C – Who actually gives a crap? Just drink the water.



  1. Hang on a minute.

    That is an asymmetrical glass, so it is neither half full nor half empty.

    And if you intend drinking the water, you should first consider where it has come from or you might find the crap has become an uncomfortable and recurring reality.

    Bless you, my son.

  2. That’s a very valid point.

    What if I pose the same question with a symmetrical tea cup and diet sprite instead of a glass and water?

  3. Then I would be inclined to agree with you.

    But pre-boiled water would be my favourite beverage in this case. These diet things are not free of dangerous chemicals.

    Also a symmetrical glass would be better. It would be easier to find the halfway mark.

    Carpe diem.

    I think that’s the (bog) latin for have a nice day?

  4. o.k first off. what do you people do with you time.
    just drink the bloody water for petes sake and secondly why are you even dicusing this. it’s a piontless argument.

  5. hi, love that you all took the time to write on these points. I just love the fact that it reminds us to Carpe diem and in effect acts as a trigger point to remind us that its all in our mind and attitude! OMG-the matrix was right!!

    ps. why can’t we consider an assymetrical glass to be half full or half empty if it was a rough estimation and rounding up?!

  6. “rounding up” … or would you rather say “rounding down”?


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