Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | August 14, 2007

Does time really exist?

Time is an amazing thing. We talk about time all the time. We measure it, sell it, store it, buy it, burn it, save it, fight it. Our lives lives are run on time, dictated by dates and figures. We are reminded of time almost everywhere; on our desktops, in the street, on our phones, by dates, by the weather, by the stars, and by the sea and of course by clocks. My digital watch tells the time pretty accurately. It breaks time down to tiny little fractions in all kinds of different geographical zones. We have different flavors of time. We have time to suit every occasion, every country, every task.

I have one major problem with time; I’ve never touched it, I don’t know what it looks like, I don’t really know what it feels like, and to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure if it actually exists. One thing I’m certain of is, the past does not exist and it never did exist. Currently and always the past is nothing more than memory. Chemicals stored in the brain. Just like ones and zeros in a computer or the smell a freshly baked bread. It’s not really bread, it’s a scent. The future is exactly the same as the past. It’s not reality, we never ever get there, and it’s no more than a fantasy or dream.

So all we actually have is the present which kinda eliminates the need for a clock or calendar. How about a watch that simply displays “NOW”? Or a calendar that has “The Present” printed on twelve separate pages?

Which leads me to the next question. What is the present?


Thanks to Donal


  1. Smile.


  2. Good smile, great idea, love the watch.

    Reminds me that the next most accurate watch is a stopped one.

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