Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | July 29, 2007

When is More Enough? (update)

Last Tuesday morning like so many mornings, I dragged my sleepy head out of bed at 05:30 to face yet another monotonous mind numbing day at the IT sweatshop. I quickly checked my emails and news headlines to see if I has missed any major global catastrophe or if I had inadvertently slept for four weeks straight (a la 28 Days Later). Unfortunately nothing major had happened while I was asleep and there were no obvious signs of any zombies in the Laois area, which basically meant I had no plausible excuse not to go to work. I did get an intriguing email from a good friend of mine. Donal who often sends me random off-beat, thought provoking, and sometimes incomprehensible links had given me exactly what I needed to hear.

A very simple message weaved by the creators of Southpark in a Flash animation and based on recordings done by the philosopher Alan Watts. I headed off into the early morning commute with a new sense of hope.



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