Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | June 27, 2007

When Is More Ever Enough???

In the world we inhabit today having more of something, weather it’s food, money, education, sunshine, love, or control is rarely ever enough. And the strange thing is, we know this already. For years now we have been looking disapprovingly at our ever expanding, ever consuming, consumer planet and shaking our heads in a gesture of defiance. Yet now more than ever, we crave that which we do not have (yet). Since I became a coherent, responsible, respectable, member of society the day I turned 18 (21 in the USA), something has been occouring to me very very slowly. It seems to me as if we’re in a constant state of “Almost Thereness”. Constantly seeking fulfillment through overloading our senses, bodies, minds, and lives with a barrage of external forces. Sex, acceptance, work, people, entertainment, fear, power, excitement, Wanting to feel whole, free, part of something, or just okay, but never quite getting there.

And who would blame us for feeling this way? After all aren’t we bred to consume from an early age? Education systems, advertisements, TV shows, celebrities, governments, religious orders and corporations are all subtly telling us (thousands of times each day) how we should look, act, and feel. We are being told in no uncertain terms that we are lacking something and that we need to conform. Thus begins the cycle. We try to fulfill the projected image of ourselves or what we think the world wants us to be, and in doing so we loose the only thing worth having: A true sense of self. I believe the true self comes from the inside not the outside. Again, we all know this, but are we aware of it?

As a great mystic once said “Awareness, awareness, awareness”. You can never have enough awareness.


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