Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | June 21, 2007

Human Conditioning

The other day I sat down and watched the film Baraka for the first time. This amongst many other things had been on my To Do list for months. I think it was sandwiched somewhere between visiting Stonehenge and building a life sized working Lego model of the A-Team van.

The only thing I’m going to say about this film is, if you haven’t seen it yet, buy it rent it, steal it, whatever. Just watch it ASAP.

There’s been a lot talk over the years about how we process and handle our food, how animals are treated in a working environment, and how modern development has effected other species of life on this planet. Rarely do we look at ourselves in the overall picture and ask:
How has modern development affected me? How do I treat myself in a working environment? And how am I processed and handled on this earth?

I think this short clip from the film Baraka illustrates this thought beautifully.



  1. Thanks for inviting me to check out your bog. That video clip was very thought-provoking, and really got me thinking. It was disturbing to see all those chickens processed like that, but even more disturbing to realize the reality of my processed life.

  2. All too true… You might wanna check out this site too (which is not as graphic and detailed as some I browsed before).

    I had a vegan friend who didn’t eat animals because it was cruel. But she ate eggs because commercial eggs are unfertilized and therefore have no potential to be alive. But even egg-laying chickens are subject to inhuman treatment.

    Of course, they aren’t human to begin with…

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