Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | June 15, 2007

Thought of the Moment # 1

The following questions ran through my mind late this evening, I was sitting in my living room, thinking about my day.

How many wasted thought cycles do we have each day, each month, each year, in a lifetime? How does fear rule our actions, control our thoughts, overrule our instincts, and dictate our emotions?

Are we conditioned how to act and react? Are we bred to slave over data in the work place? Have our minds been turned in to computers? Have our bodies been bred to consume?

Are we drugged from childhood? Are we awake? and if we are, how do we know it?

Correct answers on a post card please, to be faxed to the above address at the end of this post. Overall winner will be notified by a dream. All entries must be in by April the 23rd of May.


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