Posted by: Sheridan Flynn | October 29, 2006

My First Blog. Why?

For the past week I’ve been saying to myself. “One of these days I’m going to sit down on front of my computer and write a blog.” I’ve been thinking the subject will be something along the lines of… Me writing a blog, or what is a blog and what does it taste like? or who writes blogs who the hell reads them? I think I’ll go with the last one.

I wonder do people ever read other people’s blogs? I have a theory that people only ever read their own blogs and never anyone else’s. Most bloggers are unaware of this and think their work is being read by thousands of loyal fans. It’s kinda like singing in the shower & expecting a round applause from an audience in your bathroom.

On the other hand, what if people actually do read other people’s blogs? This is a more frightening and sinister scenario. What’s wrong with these people? Why would somebody want to spend three minutes of their lives reading some random strangers off-the-wall stream-of-conseousness crazy rant?

I heard a story during the week about an anonymous New York waiter who works in an exclusive Manhattan restaurant, serving New York’s finest (actors, orthodontists , and fashion gurus). For the past two years he has been writing a blog about his various shocking exploits from front of house and (of course) back of house. Anyway, sounds like a story line from Sex in The City too me, but the point is that, he has been offered a multi million dollar book deal on the back of his blogging activities.

Straight away being the cynic I am, I’m thinking to myself this dude is just some out of work hack journalist who can’t even get his work published in Time Out. He has assumed the identity of an unknown tell-all camp waiter in a fictitious studio 54 esque background to play out his dramatic story-lines. Basically he can write whatever he wants about whoever he wants, without fear of litigation. It’s just like The Rat Trap in that Shakespeare play. A play within a play. And it worked brilliantly for Hamlet, so I’ll say well done camp waiter dude, whoever you are. I still haven’t read your blog though. And to anyone who had read this my first blog, well done you have made crap of my theory, and any chance of a book deal?




  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, S. You could always get a free tracker (try or and you’ll not only see how many are reading, but exactly where they’re coming from. And whether they came via a search engine or another website, etc etc. What the heck, it’s free and it’s fun!

  2. Oh … and I’ll see what I can do about the book deal. Give me a week or 52. 🙂

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